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Go Organic to Shrink Your Gardening Budget

    by Fern Marshall Bradley, Co-Editor of The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Planning - Selection - Propagation - Organic Solutions
Saving the Earth and protecting children and pets from dangerous chemicals are the reasons most gardeners cite for giving up pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, but guess what? Making the switch to organic gardening methods will save you money t... Read more »

When to Start Your Seeds

    by Kathy LaLiberte
Years ago, I was diligent about keeping a gardening journal. Unlike Thomas Jefferson and other famous journal keepers, I never managed to make daily entries. But on a weekly basis I would record the major tasks I'd accomplished, a general weather sum... Read more »

Seedstarting Made Easy

Selecting seeds, soil and containers Planting and caring for your seedlings Troubleshooting Resources When mail-order catalogs and local garde... Read more »

Building Healthy Soil

What's in the soil? Soil texture and type Improving soil structure Soil pH Soil testing Frequently asked questions... Read more »

1 – 4 of 4 found.

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