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Home Environment:Non-Toxic Living

Kiddie Kollection: A Romper Room Roundup of Healthy Living News for Wee Folk

It may be a clichÈ, but that doesn’t make it untrue: Kids are the future, and if we don’t care properly for them, we’re not caring properly for tomorrow. With that in mind, we’ve assembled this quick look at the... Read more »

Bite Me (Not): Safer Solutions for Beating Bugs

As readers of the Inspired Protagonist know, in mid-June Jeffrey Hollender and Seventh Generation Director of Corporate Consciousness, Gregor Barnum, toured the Brazilian rainforest to check out Greenpeace projects in the region. One of their bigg... Read more »

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The Healthy Baby Nursery

    by Annie B. Bond
It is heartbreaking for me to see well-meaning and excited new parents decorating their new baby's nursery by painting it, installing new carpeting, and buying a crib with a brand-new foam or synthetic mattress. I did some of these things when I w... Read more »

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Design a Blissful Bedroom

    by Annie B. Bond
After reading a snippet about feng shui in a teen magazine, my daughter entered her bedroom with the dictum she had read in mind: Keep only what you love. She systematically removed everything she didn't love! The result is a gem of a room -- a... Read more »

Summertime Blues: Are Our Bodies Getting Burned by the Synthetics in Our Sunscreens?

Summer’s here at last, and Americans from coast to balmy coast are off to the beach, the pool, the yard, the game, the park, and every destination in between. No matter where your family is heading, one thing is certain: you’ll be pack... Read more »

1 – 5 of 13 found. More results »

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