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Our story (and we are sticking to it)

Sustainable Guide sprouted from the trials of two first-time homeowners searching for how-to information (how to fix this? or how to tear it down?). Having been raised on a wholesome diet of co-op food in a passive solar home and having home gardens since the college days, we knew that the info had to be environmentally sound. Plus, we had some sustainable living standards being set by friends that we needed to live up to. Got to keep up with the Jones's!

After checking every blooming book out of the public library on straw bale building, solar design, and drip irrigation (and renewing them twice), we knew there had to be a better way to get this information. After all, shouldn't it be easier being green? Hence, Sustainable Guide.

Our goals are simple; share sustainable living know-how in an organized, efficient way, to help cultivate and promote sustainable living and green businesses.

We began by assembling the best books, related wesites links and how-to articles. Sustainable products and a green business directory followed, and events listings are in the works. We select only the best products and services based on user reviews. So if you know of a great book, an environmentally friendly business, or want to share your expertise in an article, please contact us - we love to hear from our readers!

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