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Home Building:Green & Recycled Materials

Energy Roofing Systems

Energy Roofing Systems is committed to reducing our energy consumption today while keeping an eye on the horizon. They sell an Energy Star rated energy efficient metal roof that will not only reduce household energy bills 30-40% but is also solar ready... more »

The Real Milk Paint Co.

Real Milk Paint ®, in 27 colors, is their own exclusive formula made from all organic materials including powdered purified casein, lime and pigments. This milk paint will remain useable for a minimum of a two-week period after being mixed with water... more »

The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., Inc.

Chemically safe historic paints since 1974. Authentic real milk paint that is truely a "green paint" and comes in 16 colors... more »

Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed timber and stone products, including original and remilled wide plank flooring, remilled cabinet lumber, custom millwork, antique barn siding, antique dimensional lumber, hand hewn beams, rough sawn beams, bricks, pavers and antique limestone... more »

Granite Transformations of Austin

Trend Glass Countertops from Granite Transformations are made from the world’s highest quality tempered glass, up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass, headlights, bottles, and mirror chips, as well as semi-precious man-made stones... more »

AFM (American Formulation Mfg.)

The only company to provide a complete range of chemically responsible building and maintenance products. Paints, stains, wood finishes, sealers, cleaners, and other building products... more »

Bamboo Mountain

Bamboo flooring manufacturer of high quality, environmentally friendly, and competitively priced bamboo flooring. Helps to create healthy homes by using 100% formaldehyde free glues throughout their product line, an industry first... more »

Omni Block

Omni Block is an insulated concrete block building system. It offers superior insulating capabilities while providing a building material that helps buildings to be durable, quiet, safe, environmentally friendly, and cost effective... more »

Bio Shield Paint Company

The first company to introduce environmentally safe paints in the US, a paint manufacturer of all natural paints and low voc paint products (paints with virtually no volatile organic compounds) and all natural household cleaners... more »

Aglaia Natural Paints

Offers a complete range of natural finishes for many applications. From high quality wall paints for ordinary painting to specialty paints for clay plasters or wall glazing, AGLAIA has a full array of colors available... more »

Auro Natural Paints and Finishes

These new paints, stains, sealers and adhesives do not emit any solvent vapors into the air and, relating to their technical performance, show a quality so far unknown in the field of ecological paints... more »

Cempo Forms Inc.

Environmentally friendly and versatile building product, consisting of Portland cement and recycled polystyrene. These forms create a structure which is naturally fire and pest resistant, energy efficient, and sound absorbing... more »

1 – 12 of 12 found.

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