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Home Building:Passive Solar

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The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling

    by Daniel D., Ph.D. Chiras; Chelsea Green Publishing Company
This text presents a relatively nontechnical description of passive solar heating and cooling principles that can be used in the construction of homes heated and cooled simply through the absorption or dissipation of sunlight. The author, who has des... View details »

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The Passive Solar House (Real Goods Independent Living Books)

    by James Kachadorian; Chelsea Green Publishing Company
This book offers a technique for building homes that heat and cool themselves in a wide range of different climates, using ordinary building materials available anywhere and with methods familiar to all building contractors and many do-it-yourselfers... View details »

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The Passive Solar Energy Book: A Complete Guide to Passive Solar Home, Greenhouse and Building Design

    by Edward Mazria; Rodale Press
A seminal reference on the fundamentals of solar design. Easily used, yet thorough and quantitative. Should be required reading for everyone in the architecture & building design fields. Sunfall info given here is relevant to every structure ever des... View details »

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